Saturday, February 4, 2012

Update on Goals 2012

Here's a little update on the progress I'm making on the goals I/we set for this year. Goals that have been completed or continued will be italicized and colored red so that you can easily see what's completed. Enjoy!

Family/Financial Goals

Berry Picking at the local Blue Berry Patch – June
Guard our days/time away from work as much as possible.
Pay extra on our monthly car payment
Read the bible to Kendall at bedtime.
Potty Learn Kendall by her 2nd birthday - October - if she starts to act ready

Personal/Spiritual Goals

Read a chapter a day/week out of selected books
o the amount and book will change throughout the year
o Spring - Chazown for Small Group (weekly chapter) - January

Self promote/advertise my freelance photography. Schedule at least 2 seniors and 4 families for the spring/summer.
Host a scrapbooking Crop - April & October
Host a “Girls Night” once a quarter, a.k.a. “Pinsperation Night”!
Complete K's scrapbook of her first year
Give my hobbies up to two hours per week (Photography & Scrapbooking).
Meet with a friend for Coffee once a month.
Monthly dinner/game night with Friends.

Health/Fitness Goals

Cut back on eating out.
Continue Meal Planning on a weekly basis.
Purchase only the foods listed on our meal plan (some snacks are acceptable).
Eat more whole foods and less processed
NO SODA *I drank 2 sodas in January! Ordered by mistake, completely out of habit! ugh!
Work out at least three times a week
Gym Membership - Anytime Fitness - January

Family Travel Goals

Elmo Live in Kansas City - January
Pumpkin Patch in Iowa - October
Christmas Vacation in Florida
Visit Grandma Dorothy in Illinois

Date Night once a month out of the house
Date Night once a week at home (after Kendall goes to bed).
Continue to pray for & encourage each other daily.
Weekend get-a-way for our Anniversary

Household/Yard Work Goals

Spring Clean & Organize Basement - January 
Host a yard sale in the spring
Clean the oven!
Keep, Sell, Donate, Throw Away Toys twice a year. (keep ‘em organized!)
Install a clothes line in the back yard – cut down on the use of the electric dryer.
Make a database of Kendall’s clothing for the next year - January

Keep living room & kitchen 30 min. to company clean!
Create a recycling center in the garage.
Paint at least one room in the house (these white walls are making me crazy!)
Garden (Spring and Fall)
Plant a tree for the front yard