The Couple

Ryan and Blair met in August of 2001 while attending school at Ozark Christian College in Joplin, Missouri. They were playing a competitive game of sand volley ball when they were both hit with love at first sight. Actually that's not true, it wasn't love at first sight. Ryan played hard to get, Blair wasn't "his type" at all! He was looking for a blonde, someone athletic, organized, goal driven, blah blah blah. Blair continued to persue him, showing him that a previously home educated, country girl who is a little more free spirited and artistic than he'd ever think that he'd like, and who changes her mind daily regarding "what she wants to be when she grows up", would be the one that he would want to grow old with!
Their first date was Arby's (romantic right?) He ate a roast beef sandwhich with curly fries and Blair ate one of their fresh deli style sandwiches wich aren't healthy in any way and curly fries.

Blair said those three scary words "I love you", over Christmas break in 2001. Ryan's respose, "I wanted to say it first..."
Ryan asked Blair to marry him on December 27, 2002 (the night Blair thought Ryan's mom was trying to burn the house down. Also the same day that Blair's middle brother almost ruined the surprize during a phone conversation earlier that morning.) That's all a story for another time...
They were then married on August 9, 2003 in Blair's home town of Columbia, Missouri.
Ryan graduated from OCC spring of 2004. The couple then moved to Mound City, Ks. to do ministry for (what was then known as) the Federated Church (non-denominational Christian Church). December 2008 the couple moved from Mound City, Ks. to Kirksville, Mo. to do ministry for The Crossing and that is where they call home today (and hopefully until they are old and gray.

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