Monday, March 5, 2012

'Poo Free for a Week

I stumbled upon this blog via Pinterest. The post is about a family that currently are Shampoo and Conditioner Free. It's a pretty informative post, I'll let you read it on your own, there is also a recently posted follow-up post regarding their choice to be Shampoo and Conditioner Free. I decided to take the challenge this week and go "poo free" and see what happens. I use shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis, so this is going to be a BIG change for me! Especially to force myself to not "wash" my hair daily! I might go a little crazy!

Before: Day One, I last washed my hair on Saturday using Shampoo and Conditioner. Today is Monday and my hair looks and feels very oily,

 After: Day One, Today (Monday) I used the 1TBSP Baking Soda to 1 Cup Water mixture to clean my hair. *I didn't use the vinegar water mixture today because I'm out of vinegar. Result, my hair looks and feels so much better!

I plan to take a picture of my hair each day through the end of the week. I'll wash my hair again using the baking soda and water mixture later in the week. This will be nice to clean and strip my hair of any build-up from the Shampoo and Conditioner I regularly use.

Day Two: Hair doesn't look or feel oily. Sorry for the weird picture, the lighting wasn't the same, and the focus is a little off.

Day Three: Wednesday, my hair has a little shine to it today, that's the natural oils starting to produce. But it actually feels thick with body (something my hair normally doesn't have. I haven't used Shampoo and Conditioner on my hair since last Saturday.

Top Ten "Things" I Love - for now!

Photo: Blair Lingbloom Photography 2009

Here is a list of the things I feel I can't live without right now!
Okay, I'll be honest, I could live without all of these things,
I just love how much sweeter they make my life by having them. :)

1. Digital Camera - Canon Rebel XT
2. Chap Stick - Burts Bees original to be exact!
3. Mascara - Mary Kay's Water Proof Black Mascara
4. iPad
5. Ice Cubes
6. Flip Flops - Because I wear them year round!
7. Mini Van
8. Chewing Gum
9. Coffee
10. Art Supplies ;) (i know, this obviously covers a wide range of products).