Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Children's Book Review - Simple and Educational

K's favorite books right now. Okay, I'll admit, they're my favorite books to read to her right now.

1. Sesame Street ABC's and 123's
I've been teaching K the ABC's recently and was having a hard time finding something that clearly described the letter with a picture in a fun way that I know she'd enjoy. I came across this book at Hastings over the weekend and so far it has been a perfect book for this activity! It clearly shows the letters and includes lots of fun different pictures with the typed word that starts with that specific letter. She loves the bright pictures throughout the book and has started to repeat the letters after I say them and show them to her. It's also perfect since she's really into watching Sesame Street on Netflix right now.

2. My Little Animal Book
We have a couple books that include different animals and their names, but this book is FULL of different types of animals from all over the world! It's great! Real Photographs of animals (not cartoon drawings). I've been able to show K all the animals, include some sounds or signs with each animal and she's finally starting to point out which animal is which if asked. There are alot of different books teaching animals, however this seems to be the one with the most pictures and variety in it that I've found.

3. Dear Zoo
A family friend passed this flip book on to us recently and K loves it! It's a cute little story about writing a letter to a Zoo asking for a pet. The zoo sends a variety of different animals but each one just isn't a good fit, until finally at last the right one is sent at the end. Each page has a fun flip cover to reveal the different animal. K has learned what the animals are and the sounds they make by reading this book.

4. The Me Book
K's really into learning what her body parts are and this is a fun little book that describes the body parts and their actions. It has a vintage cartoon theme throughout the book. It's cute and creative.