Thursday, January 5, 2012

Organizational Tip

I recently organized my side of the Master Bedroom Closet, as well as the cabinets and vanity in our Master Bathroom. I hope I'm not the only person in the world who seems to collect up to 8 storage baskets full of makeup (which I don't wear often), pedicure products, hair products, bath & body products, and the list just goes on and on! I was able to organize and purge the items going from 8 storage baskets down to 3! This is how I purged and organized...

Step 1.
I divided everything according to Makeup/Body Care - Hair - and Health/First Aid

Step 2.
Check dates!
I threw away everything that was expired or nearing it's end!

Step 3.
Sort, Sort, Sort!
I looked at everything carefully and decided what I really needed to keep and what I could finally just throw away because I obviously wasn't using it or had plans to use it.

Now, I still some how have ended up with 10 tubes of chap stick (I love chap stick and it's often given to me at Christmas, and I buy them randomly throughout the year). But (this is scary) I'm happy to say that I threw away a full trash bag of random stuff I had been collecting or holding onto for who knows how many years!

My clothes are now neatly hanging in the closet, shoes are put away where they belong, and there are only 3 storage baskets sitting on the shelf instead of 8! I have a pile of clothes to donate to the local Foster Families Thrift Store, and the vanity in the bathroom is clean and organized with everything in it's place.

Makes me feel good and I know my husband is probably thankful as well.