Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cloth or Disposable?

Crazy People! That's what you thought when you read the title isn't it? You thought "They are crazy for thinking/wanting to put their kid in cloth diapers!" First I should explain, that this is a me decision... I haven't really given my husband much of a say in this. I'm sure if he had his way he would go with disposables no matter what, and he'd buy the dirt cheap ones that don't work! However, I stay home with our daughter, and for the most part I'd be changing a big number of the diapers each day. He'll quickly learn how to use them, and be a pro at changing her in cloth in no time. I have faith in him!

I made this decision, and my biggest reason was to save money. Disposable diapers are so expensive in the long run! So far we spend around $80+ a month on diapers & wipes! Not to mention that one diaper can take up to a bazillion years to biodegrade in the landfills. That's not a factual number, but it does take a long time.

My other biggest reason is the health and comfort of my child. A few years ago I was introduced to Melaleuca products. It's an eco friendly company that sells safer cleaning & health products for you and your home at a discount price if you're a preferred customer. I threw out all the garbage I was using to clean my home (you know, the products that cause you to almost not be able to breath when you use them, because the fumes are so strong) Um, hello, if it's causing you to not be able to breath while using it, it's probably a good sign that it's not something very safe to be using in the first place. Just a thought. Anyways, Diapers contain bleach, which then soaks into your child's skin as they wear them. If I'm not going to use the chemical to clean my home, than why on earth would I put it on my child to wear all day and all night? Doesn't make sense.

Our friends give me a hard time because I use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Some have already started in regards to the idea of cloth diapers. However, the biggest comment I keep hearing is, "Yuck! All that laundry, washing them? gross!" Seriously? Laundry is Laundry. It's all dirty. You wipe your butt with toilet paper right? Poop goes on the paper, that then touches your hands!! Oh my goodness! Get out of here, that's so nasty! (hope you can tell I'm being very sarcastic with some of this, we love our friends, and we can joke about these things and still be okay with each other). Anyways, laundry is laundry, it's all dirty like I said. I'm naturally going to be doing at least a load a day, so why not throw some poopy diapers in there too! That, and my daughter is already a pro and pooping on my clothes when I'm not quick enough with the diaper, or the blankets, etc. etc. I think I've had to clean up more disgusting things in my life, that a little poo in a diaper isn't that bad, nor is it going to hurt me.

I also think that cloth will be more comfortable for my daughter. The disposable diapers always cut into her skin, leaving marks constantly. She also seems to get diaper rash easily. I think with cloth it will be softer on her skin, and will move more easily and freely with her little body. I also think it'll be more breathable.

So there you have it folks, we're switching to cloth! Now I just have to plan a time with my mom to start sewing them (this is a big deal too because I can't stand to sew, but I'm going to do it if it means putting cloth on my kiddo's booty)! Can't wait to post pictures when they are finished!